Technical Book Shop, founded 1941.

The Technical Book Shop was founded in 1941 by Reginald Roy Radford and two partners. Reginald felt that there was an opportunity to provide more “technical” books to the Melbourne and Australian market. Since that day the Technical Book Shop has enjoyed a distinguished history, with the store being passed through 3 generations of the Radford family. Today the Technical Book Shop has the widest selection of Technical and Specialist books in Australia, and is still owned and operated by Radford family members.

In the early days most of the books were imported from the UK and US, delivery time was a matter of months, not days or weeks as it is today. Reg would scour books, magazines and journals looking for new and interesting textbooks on a wide variety of subjects. Subject areas in the early days included: engineering, electronics, and university subjects such as sciences. Gradually enthusiast areas such as aviation and automotive were added. Other specialist subjects such as agriculture were introduced and became successful with the growing importance of this type of industry.

In the early days the Technical Book Shop leased only half the ground floor of the building. In 1965 the 2nd half of the Red Cross Building as it was known in those days, was taken over by the Technical Book Shop – the whole ground floor was now leased to the company. The building was later bought by Legacy Melbourne who remains the owners of the building to this day. The Technical Book Shop has been in the same location since foundation.

Today, the Technical Book Shop provides the Australian market with a large range of subject areas and books in specialist fields. Although the store does not aim to be a general bookshop it does carry books in some general areas such as gardening, food ,wine and general paperbacks. Even in these fields we try to stock more specialised and unique books that provide greater in depth information to the buyer. Our key strengths lie in areas such as Automotive, Computers, Engineering, Aviation, Electronics, Business and Military.